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 ■Timetable of resort 21
Resort 21 local train timetable


Resort 21 (Kurofune) becomes poor at work of air conditioner in the first car, the fourth car, the fifth car.
 ■Resort 21 train seating chart

It is seating chart of Kurofune train, kimme train.

Royal box travels as green car of limited express "resort Odoriko". (during present period, limited express "resort Odoriko issue" does not run.)

kimme train
  It is local train of all car unreserved seats.

  There is not reserved seat.
Please sit down to vacant seat.

  Timetable look at the right side.

※Resort 21 by reason of driving situation and others,
We may be changed on other vehicles without notice.

State of resort 21 (Kurofune train) in the car

Logo of the body

Issue car information for getting on and off car mouth

Seat facing sea

Other than history document, it is shown around compendium of seasonal words along the line
Photograph is ④ car

Ryoma Sakamoto (Tokyo area top car)

Perry (Shimoda area top car)

Ayumi of resort 21

We made our debut as "one suggestion to railroad carriage faster to the 21st century" in 1985.

We make use of the top prospects that 1, driver monopolize
2.Because there are the sea and mountain, right and left are asymmetry
3.We apply seat placement to the sea side
4.We manage by local train (it becomes some limited expresses train)

For idea not to get snagged on established concept, it renovates past train image.
We aim, and "vehicle which gets on, and is pleasant" is designed,
In 1986, we won meeting "Blue Ribbon Award" of railroad friend.

In addition, as "especially vehicle" as a substitute for "green car,"
We develop "royal box" beyond conventional common sense vehicle,
Spacious seat,
We finish for salon-style interior and,
We equip ceiling with optical fiber,
We carry out lighting direction to project starlit sky in tunnel,

It became that it was more luxurious and included dream.

This ceiling lighting direction,
From the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan, we won "prize for lighting spread" (excellent lighting facility prize).

July, 1985
"Resort 21" (primary car) startup
Boarding start taking woman passenger
July, 1986
Meeting "Blue Ribbon Award" of railroad friend receiving a prize
"Resort 21" (the second car) startup
March, 1988
"Resort 21" (the third car) startup
It is entry of, high speed "resort liner 21" startup in Tokyo Station having never met for private railroad vehicle
Limited express "resort Odoriko" issue startup
February, 1990
"Resort 21" (the fourth car) startup
May, 1992
Royal box stardust roof (starlit sky direction) wins "prize for lighting spread excellence lighting facility prize"
July, 1993
"Alpha resort 21" (the fifth car) startup
Woman driver debut (first in Japan)
May, 1994
Royal box system chandelier (alpha resort 21) wins "prize for lighting spread excellence lighting facility prize"
March, 2004
Memorialize the Shimoda opening of a port 150th anniversary, "Kurofune train" startup (the painting black in "resort 21" (first car))
March, 2006
The "resort 21" (primary car, first Kurofune train) commercial operation end
※With primary car retirement, black paints the fourth car newly, as "Kurofune train for the second generation" startup
May, 2009
"Resort 21" (the second car) good-bye driving
August, 2011 "Resort 21" (the third car) original color good-bye driving
July, 2015 Event holding of the 30th anniversary of resort 21 birth
Special resort 21 driving (the fourth car four formation)
February, 2016 We drive by the alpha resort 21 (the fifth car) painting for a limited time
August, 2016 Resort 21, festival holding
Thank you! Alpha resort 21 special driving (the fifth car eight formation)
February, 2017 Local promotion train "resort 21 - Izukyu KINME Train ..." (the third car) startup
July, 2017 Scenic train "THE ROYAL EXPRESS" linking Yokohama - Izukyu-Shimoda (the fifth car) startup

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