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Izu Kyuko Line is resort railroad running in the Izu East Coast.
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We live with Izu

Izu Kyuko Line of 45.7km between Ito - Izukyu-Shimoda commercially operates on December 10, 1961 and, in response to hot request, starts. Semi-express train from Tokyo became at entry of, Japanese National Railways (existing JR East) from the first to JR Ito Line Atami and started in form of so-called "mutual entry". By opening of Izu Kyuko Line, Izu came to receive more and more tourists as back room of metropolitan area. Tourists continued increasing so that the master of inn said, "customer entered only if we opened door", and Izukyu was worried about the transport capacity reinforcement, too. There was time when tourist decreased by oil crisis or repeated earthquake disasters, but appointments of woman to introduction and crew of "resort 21" "alpha resort 21" succeeded and were able to exceed 10 million transportation staff afterwards in 1991. In December, 1993, first Japanese woman train driver is born from us, of your trip there is role together. We are planning to perform various measures while being able to make up for needs of customer precisely continuously.

To continue being railroad company which "is comfortable" by "security"

Railroad which puts various dramas on non-daily life as foot of yu (izana) u trip as everyday foot, and runs. We Izukyu works on loose (tayu) mukotonaku safety measures and promotes service improvement from every angle so that all customers can use railroad for "it is comfortable" by "security" in every scene.

We live with area

"Izu" who continues attracting people through nature, meal, festival, hot water ... four seasons.
For person visiting person, here to live here, we Izukyu will keep moving forward with local development for the future so that this ground is more attractive.