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Izu Kyuko Line is resort railroad running in the Izu East Coast.
Please enjoy train trip excellent at view.

History of Izu East Coast railroad laying

Do you know process that railroad was laid in the Izu East Coast?
Ito Line of JR East also connects railroad route of the Izu East Coast to Ito from Atami, and our Izu Kyuko Line is spreading now to Shimoda. Here, we introduce history before they being laid.

We work on the first railroad invitation

Railroad laying in Izu was earnest wish since Meiji of Izu Peninsula inhabitants. Railroad is laid to Ito by Japanese National Railways (existing JR East) Ito Line opening of December, 1938, and the plan is frozen following that although cabinet decision of extension between Ito - Shimoda was done once, and railroad invitation exercise by local people who continued since Meiji by report of "new line construction plan carefulness idea" of Railway Construction Council which is consultative body of the Department of Transportation more in December, 1954 will invite the last scene here.

Railroad laying by TOKYU

It was "Izu tourism development plan" of TOKYU to have stood up when by railroad laying next in Izu Peninsula. TOKYU which Chairperson Keita Goto led which loved Izu deeply established Izu tourism development plan in 1953. Afterwards, in February, 1956, the company applied for local railway laying license between Ito - Shimoda. That was right thunderbolt of fine weather for local people and became new light to achievement of earnest wish since Meiji. "Ito, Shimoda railroad laying promotion Shimoda alliance fair" was formed immediately in Shimoda and it was all Shimoda inhabitants bullets for the realization under the pretense of "the arrival of second Kurofune" by railroad laying to Shimoda and pushed on. As a result, three years passed, and, in February, 1959, long-awaited railroad laying license was issued by license application. TOKYU established "Shimoda, Ito electric railway" (our forerunner) in response to the authorization of railroad laying on April 11, 1959 and held groundbreaking ceremony of railroad construction on January 22, 1960. We mediated all Ito - Shimoda lines in 10 mechanic ward, and construction was pushed forward. Afterwards, on February 20, 1961, we thought about business and promotion of publicity work for opening and changed company name to "Izukyu". Construction was completed in spite of tunnel construction or the difficult site purchase to amount to 31 without requiring two years and was able to meet opening on December 10, 1961. By this railroad opening, infinite tourist attractions unknown so far in southern Izu Peninsula will be recognized by the world.

We live with Izu

Chairperson Keita Goto of TOKYU which pushed on towards dream to lay railroad in Izu Peninsula in regret died before opening, but the will of the deceased is loaded honoring monument to "live with Izu as for Keita Goto" at the Nesugata-yama mountaintop of Shimoda-shi of some reputation with and watches Izu whom the deceased loved calmly. As we can climb this Nesugata-yama to the mountaintop by ropeway, interesting, please look for this honoring monument. We make an effort for transfer, development of Izu as company policy to "live in this will of the deceased with Izu".