Welcome! To special Izu

Izu Kyuko Line is resort railroad running in the Izu East Coast.
Please enjoy train trip excellent at view.

Characteristic of Izukyu

With Izu Peninsula which Izu Kyuko Line runs

Running Izu Peninsula of Izu Kyuko Line is land which thing which was the south bottom of the sea volcanic group about 20 million years ago collides alone in Honshu located at the top of the Philippine Sea plate in Honshu where three plates jostle each other about 600,000 years ago, and was completed. Afterwards, crustal movement, volcanic activity continued, and beautiful scenery which the topography full of rich hot spring and changes brought about was formed.

It is in area where there is much precipitation geographically one of the best in Japan in the particularly southeast side while Mount Amagi which erupted after colliding with Honshu, and having become the land rises in central part of Izu Peninsula, and spring quenches wasabi field. Blue sky does not rarely spread if we withdraw to the south even if it rains in the East Coast.

In beautiful scenery and severe natural environments

It is Izu Kyuko Line which can finish running such whole area, but there are Tanikawa and the sea which there is mountain in for traffic company and, contrary to the charm, is exposed etc. which there is wind that there is rain in in to severe environment condition.

As for Izu Kyuko Line, tunnel 31 places (total extension 17.8 kilos), bridge exist 173 (total extension 2.0 kilos) in line of 45.7 kilos to Izukyu-Shimoda Station from JR Ito Line Ito Station, and others of the beautiful car window of shoreline expecting the Izu Seven Islands cross valley (bridge) between ridge (tunnel) and ridge (tunnel), and station is established in halfway up a mountain of slope, and even the country where there is few that we run on plains is rare line.

I apologize to customers for the inconvenience, but vehicles which take the sea breeze, and run in slope in a mountain are serious, and, as for we staff maintaining such a railroad facility, trouble does not die out either.

It will have top priority by securing of security from now on

Greatest and the most relevant duty of railway company is "securing of security", and we repeat various efforts every day to achieve this duty. Put support by fare and country and the prefecture which are slightly more expensive than the same profession others company that there are severe natural environments to surround facilities reaching the 60th anniversary from the opening of business soon and advances to deterioration, and to have from customer, subsidy from hometown municipalities, premeditatedly facilities supplementary; strong; improve, and will travel while still keeping soundness.

Furthermore, I apologize for the inconvenience, but this will travel to customer when it limits speed depending on climatic condition such as rain or wind temporarily and sometimes stops service for natural disaster while establishing standard, and ensuring the security.

To customer, we have such circumstances understand and would sincerely appreciate your using in peace.