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Izu Kyuko Line is resort railroad running in the Izu East Coast.
Please enjoy train trip excellent at view.

Step of Izukyu


1956.2.1 Tokyu Corporation applies for local railway laying license between Ito - Shimoda
1959.2.9 Local railway laying between Ito - Shimoda is licensed
1959.4.11 Shimoda, Ito electric railroad establishment (the registration)
(president Noboru Goto, capital 1 billion yen)
1960.1.22 Hoeing ceremony-type in groundbreaking ceremony, Rendaiji at Minami-Ito Station site
1961.2.20 We change business name of to Izukyu Corp.
1961.11.1 It is track connection type with Japanese National Railways Line in the Ito Station yard
1961.12.10 Commercial operation start, mutual entry start with Japanese National Railways Line (to our vehicle Atami semi-express "Izu" "we are not issue to put")
1962.8.16 Real estate part new establishment
(we start land for sale by the lot dealership whom we consigned to outside the company)
1963.2.11 Izu Kogen land for sale by the lot beginning to sell
1964.2.6 Izu Kogen Channel business water supply business
(land for sale by the lot accompanying business) start
1964.10.1 Izu-Hokkawa Station business start
1964.11.1 Express "Izu" startup
1966.11.25 Trip mediation work start
1969.3.1 Imaihama-Kaigan Station business start
1969.4.25 Limited express "amagi" startup (157 system)
1969.7.1 Automatic train control (ATS) beginning to use
1970.3.17 The first Imperial train driving (Izukyu-Shimoda → Harajuku)
1972.3.15 Jogasakikaigan Station business start
1972.11.1 It is listed on the Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange Market
1976.3.1 From limited express "amagi" 157 system in 183 system
1978.1.14 It is suspended by Izu Oshima sea near the shore earthquake until Izuinatori - Kawazu interval, June 14
1981.10.1 L limited express "Odoriko" startup (185 system)
1982.10.1 Automatic centralized traffic control (PTC) beginning to use
1984.7.1 Insurance agency business start
1985.7.20 Boarding start taking "2100 system" vehicle "resort 21" startup, woman passenger
1986.7.13 "Resort 21" Blue Ribbon Award receiving a prize
1987.3.28 "Royal box" business start
1988.4.20 We run in Tokyo Station as "resort 21" private railroad train for the first time
1988.4.29 High speed "resort liner 21" startup
1988.7.23 Limited express "resort Odoriko" startup
1990.2.10 "Resort 21EX" (royal box of stardust roof) startup, men's uniform change
1990.4.28 Limited express "Super View Odoriko" (251 system) startup
1991.6.1 Uniform change that takes passenger
1991.7.1 Three "royal box" increase is detailed
1993.7.3 "Alpha resort 21" startup
1993.12.27 Driver train birth for women
1994.3.18 Izu-Kogen Station renewal, Yamamo Plaza business start
1996.2.1 Nishi-Izu new traffic route establishment (Odoriko stops at Rendaiji, and communication bus runs to Nishi-Izu), December 1 "Nishi-Izu express line" and naming
2000.4.15 Footbath Izu-Kogen Station "hot water of beautiful foot" use start
2000.7.1 "200 system" vehicle startup
2000.12.11 General train scheduling management device (TTC) whole line beginning to use
2001.6.23 Walking event "Izu Peninsula flower & tekumogu walk" start
2002.4.27 To "100 system" vehicle last driving retirement
2002.10.11 "Izu flower train" startup
2003.4.1 The resort 21 local train "royal box" business abolition (eight formation → seven formation)
2004.1.29 Footbath Jogasakikaigan Station "Poppo-no-Yu" use start
2004.3.26 In commemoration of the Shimoda opening of a port 150th anniversary; "Kurofune train" startup
2004.6.26 Walking event "Izukyu whole line walk" start
2004.9.27 Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange Market delisting
2004.10.1 To wholly owned subsidiary of TOKYU
2005.4.1 It is spin-off "8000 system" vehicle startup to Izukyu and Izukyu real estate
2005.4.23 Footbath Izukyu-Shimoda Station "hot water of the foundation of a country" use start
2005.4.26 "Service assistance person" licensee station placement start
2006.7.1 We relocate the main store location to Ito-shi, Shizuoka from Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
2010.3.13 IC card system (Suica) introduction
2011.10.22 "Resort dolphin" startup
2011.11.5 "kumoha the 103rd car" (100 system) revival, startup
2012.12.1 "Marine Express Odoriko" (E259 system) startup
2015.3.26 "We go over Amagi" and introduce o into departure melody of Kawazu Station
2016.7.16 Scenic train "Izu Craile" of JR East startup
2017.2.4 "Resort 21 kimme train" startup
2017.6.1 Operational start of "cycle train"
2017.6.24 Izu-Kogen Station "tree of thigh happiness open space remaining" use start
2017.7.21 Scenic train "THE ROYAL EXPRESS" startup
2017.12.10 Izukyu formula character "izukyun" birth