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Izu Kyuko Line is resort railroad running in the Izu East Coast.
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The safe management system and approach

The safe management system and approach

Thank you very much for using Izu Kyuko Line as always.
Based on "safety management official regulations" that established the systems for ensuring safety, officer, employee each one has the person concerned consciousness, and our company works together to realize "security, relief" having top priority for railway company surely.
Specifically, we act for breeding and fixation of corporate culture having top priority safely including conduct of internal safety audit led by "member of internal safety audit", conduct of class, training about security of maintenance, management and transportation to operate the head office and holding, train of discussion meeting for two ways communication activation with work-site operations section safely to plan reinforcement of the safety management system.

In addition, based on the railway business method, we look back about approach and the actual situation of our safety management by oneself and announce "security report" to have all of you understand widely.
We are happy to reflect valuable voice from all of you, and to assume securing of security stronger form if we can have frank opinion.