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Izu Kyuko Line is resort railroad running in the Izu East Coast.
Please enjoy train trip excellent at view.

Event, sightseeing information

We place various event information held along recommended event and Izukyu of this month.

Recommended event of this month

"LovePiano" setting & stamp rally is held!

Tokyu and Izukyu are gorgeous for exterior in cooperation with Yamaha Corporation music Japan ...

Kawazu-zakura Festival event & advantageous ticket information

Kawazu-zakura birthplace "Izu, Kawazu-cho" is The air is full of spring earlier. We do not have to worry about traffic jam & parking lot as for the outing; "train ...

Kawazu-zakura Festival park & train ticket sale!

We stop car in designated parking lot (1st: 500 yen) of Izu-Kogen Station and we buy discount ticket afterward and get on train. ...

Opening pre-in Izukyu rent-a-bicycle "Izu pota" Shimoda!

In Izukyu, is Izu Kogen district as approach to improve convenience of rail travel; Renta saic ...

Izukyu rent-a-bicycle "Izu pota"

SNS shines in Izu Kogen by fashion, and scenic spot or art museum, cafes to grind scatter a lot. Feel like it ...

Other recommended events

To customer who is in to Kawazu-zakura Festival

[re-notice] Point out conduct of Super View Odoriko retirement memory special plan

 n which is constipated in metropolitan area and Izu in Izukyu and JR East from 1990 (Heisei 2) to about 30 years ...

Let's challenge "demystification" with raccoon dog detective Jerry!

 When "izukyun" which is official character of Izukyu reaches the second anniversary from birth, we spy on raccoon dog ...

Under the railroad daughter goods release at the same level as Jogasaki!

(meeting making) is releasing "Izukyu cycle train" introduction video!