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Izu Kyuko Line is resort railroad running in the Izu East Coast.
Please enjoy train trip excellent at view.

Izukyu rent-a-bicycle "Izu pota"

Because is electric assist bicycle; easily

SNS shines in Izu Kogen by fashion and is dotted a lot with scenic spot or art museum, cafes to grind. Please enjoy bicycle walk (pottering) as you feel like it.


Event Information

Event name Izukyu rent-a-bicycle "Izu pota"
On the date Until from 9:00 to 16:30 (whole year business) ※We do business in rainy day and cancel
Holding place Izukyu travel Izu Kogen (Izu-Kogen Station)
Traffic Immediate getting off at Izu Kyuko Line, Izu-Kogen Station (the wicket side)
TEL 0557-54-3161
Rate Daily plan 2,000 yen, two hours plan 1,000 yen
URL Izukyu rent-a-bicycle "Izu pota" reservation site
Remarks Car model: Cross bike (tension shop), narrow path motorcycle (pass) ※We are all working under electric assistant player