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Izu Kyuko Line is resort railroad running in the Izu East Coast.
Please enjoy train trip excellent at view.

The 15th Izukyu whole line walk!

When we like anytime, during period, we can walk!

All of you of "Izukyu whole line Walker" of all over Japan, sorry to have kept you waiting very much. "The 15th Izukyu whole line walk" holding was decided this year from Saturday, September 15 to Sunday, June 16, next year! Prize for this one station finishing walking is "original pin badge of train". Please participate in "the 15th Izukyu whole line walk" with family, friend with your friends!

  • Whole line walk
    The participation number of people
  • 10,355 participants
  • 284 people of finishing walking

As of January 6, 2019

What is "Izukyu whole line walk?"

It is walking event to walk between 15 Izu Kyuko Line (Ito Station → Izukyu-Shimoda Station) stations stations.

Complete travelling on foot! Do you not challenge this?

We beat fast with refreshing nature of Higashiizu area and contact, the pleasant highlight and get original pin badge while being impressed! Well, let's go out lively!

Participation method

When we participate for the first time

At either Minami-Ito Station - Izukyu-Shimoda Station station, please receive "walk sheet along the line".

  • ※When you start from Ito Station, please receive at Minami-Ito Station.
  • ※Please buy admission ticket (140 yen) at Ito Station.

It is OK even if we start from any station

When we like anytime, during period, we can walk.

If want to walk; lucky day! When you like, please walk as much as desired from favorite station.
Of course you are with family and friend and are OK!

[start reception desk] From 8:00 to [goal reception desk] 17:00

Only in the reception desk of making a goal, do not forget start &!

In Katase-Shirata Station, start receptionist from Futo Station, Jogasakikaigan Station, Imaihama-Kaigan Station is from 9:00 from 9:15.

Of station which wants to start from STEP01
We purchase admission ticket.

If we purchase admission ticket for entrance fee at station which wants to start and obtain course map and "walk sheet along the line", along course map, let's aim at station of goal.

If we arrive at station of STEP02 next,
We get proof that walked!

We go to window if we make a goal at purpose station, and let's take proof stamp on admission ticket which we purchased at start station. We put admission ticket stamped with stamp on "walk sheet along the line", and let's keep carefully.

STEP03 at last section prize
We got!

When we get stamp at window, we finally get section prize. Thank you! Person who can still do the best is GO to new course!

All STEP04 sections
Finishing walking!

We purchase admission ticket at Izukyu-Shimoda Station, and let's get prize for whole line finishing walking!

  • ※Foot is basic, but when we felt uneasiness in distance and physical condition, etc. purchases ticket and admission ticket beforehand and hands 1 Station finishing walking Prize even if we have you move train. In addition, please participate in every each station on the use by train.

Important news

It is as follows about the handling of time at time on reception hours of each station and the window deadline on reception hours and the window deadline of each station

Station name Start Goal Window deadline time
Minamiito 8:00 17:00 From 12:15 to 13:15
Kawana 8:00 From 13:00 to 14:00
Futo 9:00 From 12:00 to 12:45
Jogasakikaigan 9:00 From 12:45 to 13:30
Izu Kogen 8:00 None
Izuokawa Unmanned station
Izuhokkawa Unmanned station
Izuatagawa 8:00 17:00 None
Kataseshirata 9:15 From 12:30 to 13:15
Izuinatori 8:00 None
Imaihamakaigan 9:00 From 12:45 to 13:30
Kawazu 8:00 None
Inazusa Unmanned station
Rendaiji 8:00 17:00 From 15:00 to 15:45
Izukyu-Shimoda 8:00 None

Original goods which have you walk♪

We get while being impressed by refreshing nature and contact, the pleasant highlight! We will get present on foot happily!

Section prize original pin badge

We present one whenever we walk 1 section! (all 15)

Pin badge which modelled vehicle which was able to finish running Izu Kyuko Line is presented one by one by every 1 section!

Prize for whole line finishing walking collection box & face towel

Collection box which all badges to get in section prize can hold. Furthermore, face towel presents, too!

It is prize for whole line finishing walking collection box II & face towel after the second

After the second, we present geo-site mount collection box toward the achievement by whole line finishing walking!

  • ※Original badge and face towel are similar to the first.

If we finish walking between 15 wards of whole line!

Please buy admission ticket of Izukyu-Shimoda Station. After filling out matter necessary for column of prize for whole line finishing walking exchange ticket which you have finished putting all admission ticket (for 16 stations) with proof stamp on of "walk sheet along the line", bring to office of Izukyu-Shimoda Station. We give present of prize for whole line finishing walking on the spot.

  • ※Whole line walk set admission ticket to walk sheet along the line do not need to stick.

Of each station is careful

About Izu-Okawa Station, the handling of Izu-Hokkawa Station

Izu-Okawa Station, Izu-Hokkawa Station are unmanned stations, but are course to drop in at. We sell Izu-Okawa Station, admission ticket (for each 170 yen) of Izu-Hokkawa Station at Izu-Atagawa Station. But Izu-Okawa Station, ride Izu-Hokkawa Station station proof ticket are necessary. You buy at Izu-Kogen Station, and please show in conjunction with admission ticket of request to Izu-Atagawa Station.

  • ※There is ride Station proof ticket near wicket.
  • ※Please enjoy walking at pace of customer.
About the handling of Inazusa Station

Inazusa Station is unmanned station, but is course to drop in at. We sell admission ticket (170 yen) of Inazusa Station at Rendaiji Station. But ride Inazusa Station station proof ticket is necessary. You buy at Kawazu Station, and please show in conjunction with admission ticket of request to Rendaiji Station.

  • ※There is ride Station proof ticket near wicket.
  • ※Please enjoy walking at pace of customer.
About the handling of window deadline time of station

We have time with a part of the manned station on the window deadline. Please note that goal receptionist cannot do it in the time concerned. For more details, I would like confirmation in homepage or course map.