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Izu Kyuko Line is resort railroad running in the Izu East Coast.
Please enjoy train trip excellent at view.

Voice of customer

Voice of customer is big "opportunity" of service improvement of we Izukyu.
Please let know voice of customer by all means.

Voice form of customer

The name is required
Furigana is required
Age dai
E-mail address is essential
It is for confirmation


The metropolis and districts


Building names

Phone number is required - -
Use day Year MON SUN
Use time Time Minute
Place (station name, store names) is essential
The text is required

Guidance in the voice form use of customer

  • ・Contents which had you post from voice form of customer may need time for answer to perform fact checking and situation confirmation in post in charge. I am so sorry, but please note that you cannot meet designation of deadline for answer and immediate request.
  • ・Depending on contents of voice of customer, we may contact by method (telephones) except case and email that answer is not given.
  • ・On holidays (April 10), it becomes particularly out of Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, us on business day. During this time, inquiry that had you post may need time for answer.
  • ・I decline sale of questionary survey from voice form of customer and product, service firmly.
  • ・As half size katakana and Foreign System Font are garbled in the case of mail sending, please do not use.
  • ・When prohibition letter (we will refer to the following examples) is included in voice address of customer, it is replied to automatic reception confirmation email, but please note that you cannot let you reply from us.

    Example of prohibition letter of e-mail address

    1. ①Unusable sign, : () < > When "" space is included
    2. ②Address. When begin in (dot); example) .xxxx@xxxx.ne.jp
    3. ③@Of this just before that or just after that. When there is (dot); example) xxxx.@xxxx.ne.jp
    4. ④@Of this before. When (dot) is included in succession; example) xx..xx@xxxx.ne.jp
  • ・We accept and send email of confirmation automatically when we accept voice of customer. When there is error in e-mail address, please be careful as you cannot let you receive automatically and confirm and e-mail and reply.
  • ・When it does not arrive even if automatic reception confirmation email spreads for a while, after checking input contents of e-mail address, please transmit again.
  • ・Depending on unwanted e-mail measures and setting on the customer side who was posted (including provider), automatic reception confirmation email and answer from us may not arrive. After one set a limit to the reception receiving to be able to receive email from domain of "@izukyu.co.jp", and having set, I would like contribution.
  • ・Because answer contents reply to customer individual, I decline conversion, the second thing using firmly.

Privacy Policy

  • ・Other than contents of voice of customer, we record personal information (full name, phone number, e-mail address) of customer that voice of customer who had from customer by telephone, letter or Web site accepts content exactly and copes appropriately.
  • ・Case that fact checking and situation confirmation need for contents of voice of customer as for the personal information of customer when reply, use.
  • ・Depending on contents of voice of customer, we may provide personal information necessary for fact checking and situation confirmation and answer only for the Izukyu group companies. In addition, we may reply from the Izukyu group companies customer.
  • ・Please see our privacy policy about other privacy policies.
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