Welcome! To special Izu

Izu Kyuko Line is resort railroad running in the Izu East Coast.
Please enjoy train trip excellent at view.

Resort 21

About resort 21

With resort 21

  • It is local train of all car unreserved seats.
  • There is not reserved seat. Please sit down to vacant seat.

※Resort 21 may be changed on other vehicles without notice by reason of driving situation and others.

Resort 21 train seating chart

It is seating chart of Kurofune train, kimme train.
Railroad which puts various dramas on non-daily life as foot of yu (izana) u trip, and runs as everyday foot.
We Izukyu works on loose (tayu) mukotonaku safety measures to be able to use railroad for "it is comfortable" by "security", and all customers promote improvement in service from every angle in every scene.

State of resort 21 (Kurofune train) in the car

Logo of exterior
Logo of exterior uses letter which we listed in flag at the time of the first Black Ship Festival holding
Poster design
Poster that collage is pure designs photograph in connection with Kurofune
In the inside of car co; use lower lure pre-o, and can look at picture of attractive Shimoda.
Deck design
Design which can taste leisurely atmosphere on Kurofune on deck
Photograph is ③ car
Illustrated book which is slope of Izu
③Issue car that children can enjoy issue car with plate which characteristic and the name of "fish illustrated book of Izu" fish were listed in
Power supply outlet, Universal Serial Bus port
We install power supply outlet, charge facilities of Universal Serial Bus port in box seat

Ayumi of resort 21

We made our debut as "one suggestion to railroad carriage faster to the 21st century" in 1985.

  1. We make use of the top prospects that 1 driver monopolizes
  2. As there are 2 seas and mountain, right and left are asymmetry
  3. We turn 3 seat placement to the sea side
  4. We manage by 4 local trains (it becomes some limited expresses train later)

For idea not to get snagged on established concept, it renovates past train image.
We aimed, and "vehicle which got on, and was pleasant" was designed and, in 1986, won meeting "Blue Ribbon Award" of railroad friend.

In addition, as "special vehicle" as a substitute for "green car", we developed "royal box" beyond conventional common sense vehicle and finished for unhurried seat, salon-style interior and equipped ceiling with optical fiber and carried out lighting direction to project starlit sky in tunnel, and it was that it was more luxurious and included dream.
This ceiling lighting direction won "prize for lighting spread" (excellent lighting facility prize) from the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan.

July, 1985 "Resort 21" (primary car) startup
Boarding start taking woman passenger
July, 1986 Meeting "Blue Ribbon Award" of railroad friend receiving a prize
"Resort 21" (the second car) startup
March, 1988 "Resort 21" (the third car) startup
April, 1988 It is entry of, high speed "resort liner 21" startup in Tokyo Station having never met for private railroad vehicle
July, 1988 Limited express "resort Odoriko" issue startup
February, 1990 "Resort 21" (the fourth car) startup
May, 1992 Royal box stardust roof (starlit sky direction) wins "prize for lighting spread excellence lighting facility prize"
July, 1993 "Alpha resort 21" (the fifth car) startup
December, 1993 Woman driver debut (first in Japan)
May, 1994 Royal box system chandelier (alpha resort 21) wins "prize for lighting spread excellence lighting facility prize"
March, 2004 Memorialize the Shimoda opening of a port 150th anniversary, "Kurofune train" startup (the painting black in "resort 21" (first car))
March, 2006 The end of "resort 21" (primary car, first Kurofune train) commercial operation
※With primary car retirement, black paints the fourth car newly, as "Kurofune train for the second generation" startup
May, 2009 "Resort 21" (the second car) good-bye driving
August, 2011 "Resort 21" (the third car) original color good-bye driving
July, 2015 Event holding of the 30th anniversary of resort 21 birth
Special resort 21 driving (the fourth car four formation)
February, 2016 We drive by the alpha resort 21 (the fifth car) painting for a limited time
August, 2016 Resort 21, festival holding
Thank you! Alpha resort 21 special driving (the fifth car eight formation)
February, 2017 Local promotion train "resort 21 - Izukyu KINME Train ..." (the third car) startup
July, 2017 Scenic train "THE ROYAL EXPRESS" linking Yokohama - Izukyu-Shimoda (the fifth car) startup

Resort 21 lineup

Izukyu 2100 system area promotion train - Izukyu KINME Train ... (the third car)

Using the third car (seven formation) of resort 21 that was drawing card train, the painting put gradation of silver gray that it was unusual for railroad carriage for main with "red" in the image of "kinmedai" which was item which represented Izu with "Kurofune".

Each vehicle in the car assigned the seventh car to each municipality from the first car and decorated as vehicle which publicized special product of each municipality including kinmedai.

In addition, the third car introduces history and life of kinmedai as kinmedai Museum and is vehicle which we get on and it is fun and wants to get on.

Izukyu 2100 system area promotion train - Izukyu KINME Train ... (the third car) Izukyu 2100 system area promotion train - Izukyu KINME Train ... (the third car)

Izukyu 2100 system Kurofune train (the fourth car, resort 21EX)

It is train of "black" which is rare in the whole country that "Kurofune train" likens resort 21 to Kurofune which visited a shore in Shimoda and painted. We started driving in commemoration of the Shimoda opening of a port 150th anniversary in 2014.
By renewal of February, 2019, we finished photograph in connection with Kurofune in beautiful poster design which did collage so that trip to Shimoda became more fun.
In addition, you can enjoy attractive town walk of Shimoda and picturization of history in the inside of car by adopting rare advertisement technique by railroad carriage, and having customer use AR application.
 In addition, decoration, picture are doing two languages (Japanese, English) correspondence to be able to get close to customer of inbound.

To look at picture in the inside of car

  • 1.We download "COCOAR2" application
  • 2.We start application and shade with photograph which is on the sea side door in the car with smartphone
  • 3.Scan begins, and picture flows
  •  ・The same picture flows through every each issue car from all photographs (picture having the same ①⑦ car, ②⑥ car)
  •  ・Because history is left, picture can reproduce after the getting off again and again
  •  ・QR code is notified for usage, application downloading by each vehicle table
  •  ・The inside of car decorates according to themes and can see AR picture to theme, four kinds for each vehicle

Main improvement from the third car

  • We vitrify one piece of front glass (with heat wire)
  • For the purpose of air-conditioning effect and improvement of view, we multi-layer scenic dome and general guest room sea here and there windowpane
  • We raise the sea side ceiling in general guest room and enlarge space and increase indirect lighting
  • The number of the pantographs in formation decrease (five ⇒ three), lower frame intersection form
  • It is consecutive as possible with roof air conditioner cover
  • We connect royal box (we do not connect now)
Izukyu 2100 system Kurofune train (the fourth car, resort 21EX) Izukyu 2100 system Kurofune train (the fourth car, resort 21EX)