Welcome! To special Izu

Izu Kyuko Line is resort railroad running in the Izu East Coast.
Please enjoy train trip excellent at view.

Advantageous ticket

Full by discount service toward the house along the 50th anniversary of the opening memory!

Discount service toward the house was further enriched along Izukyu. We will act so that it is railroad which it is easy to use more than before including extended (65 years old) of age targeted for Izukyu senior passport and unreserved seat limited express coupon (ten pieces of 1,000 yen), 60 (Roku-maru) commuter pass (half price) release.

We give advantageous service toward the house and are glanced along the line

Primary schoolchild passport

Even if primary schoolchild along Izu Kyuko Line gets on by Izu Kyuko Line to anywhere; ": 100 yen one coin!"

Junior high student ticket along the line

Even if junior high student along Izu Kyuko Line gets on by Izu Kyuko Line to anywhere, "half price is 50 off"!

Izukyu senior passport

Even if people along Izu Kyuko Line 65 years or older get on by Izu Kyuko Line to anywhere, "half price is 50 off"!

Ito child pass

Primary schoolchild living in Ito-shi is train, bus, tourist facility once 100 yen!

13 pieces of coupons

13 pieces of coupons

Unreserved seat limited express coupon

It became very advantageous with 1,000 yen (once 100 yen) with ten sheets!
Odoriko is available casually!

60 (Roku-maru) fixed periods

It releases one month commuter pass which we limited to 60 years or older newly.
Price is very advantageous with half price of commuter pass! We support senior generation doing the best by work.

It is targeted for customer having the purchase costs furtherance postcard of Ito-shi issuance

It is train coupon Ito leisurely

It is coupon which Ito - Izu Kogen for all of Ito-shi residence having "the identification of getting on at elderly person discount (ticket) purchase costs furtherance postcard" which Ito-shi welfare for the elderly section issues by people 70 years or older is advantageous at all, and can take.

In addition, you want the discount ticket mentioned above in the inside of car, destination station, and please note that you do not come.

For more details, it is Izukyu Corp. shipping room Transport Section TEL: 0557-53-1115
Or please refer to Izu Kyuko Line each station (Izu-Okawa Station, Izu-Hokkawa Station, Inazusa Station are excluded).