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Izu Kyuko Line is resort railroad running in the Izu East Coast.
Please enjoy train trip excellent at view.

To person concerned with trip

On domeliner Resort21 on trip of bus color

Many bus tours are set in Izu Peninsula from each place including metropolitan area. How is experience-based ride to domeliner "resort 21" as one point between long-time bus rides?
We apply "resort 21 bus tour" group fare to customer who made a reservation beforehand than eight people and give souvenir in a small way.

"Resort 21 bus tour" usage

  1. Please reserve 1 beforehand to Izukyu. (please let know schedule, ride section, vehicle ridership. Fax:0557-54-2882)
  2. On the day of 2, tour conductor, please purchase "resort group" reduced fare ticket at window of ride station.
  3. You have 3 domeliner "resort 21" take, and please enjoy scenery of the Izu East Coast.
  4. As for 4 reservations buses, please wait for customer at getting off station.
  5. After arriving at 5 getting off stations, hand "resort group" reduced fare ticket at wicket.

Reference of eight people - 50 people

Izukyu-Shimoda Station   Izu-Kogen Station
(normal fare 1,180 yen) (resort 21 bus tour reduced fare 950 yen)
Kawazu Station   Izu-Kogen Station
(normal fare 820 yen) (resort 21 bus tour reduced fare 660 yen)

※Superb view point of the Izu East Coast: You can see islands of the Izu Seven Islands at Izu-Inatori Station - Katase-Shirata Station interval.

  • In the case of group where is higher than 200 people, reserved driving is possible, too. Please refer for service diagram.
    Of "head mark of resort 21" with group name can make. (additional charge required)
  • As formation, operation may be changed without notice, please understand beforehand.
  • We set advantageous reduced fare to be able to incorporate in every tour product.

The time required by bus between each station

The time required by bus between each station

※It is the time required of indication. We change by traffic conditions.

Q&A (common question)


Sightseeing in Izukyu sightseeing promotion district promotion section TEL: 0557-53-1116 
FAX: 0557-54-2882